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A material exchange is an operation that enables industrial process wastes, by-products, surpluses, or materials that do not meet specifications to be transferred from one company to another company where they are used as a process input. Learn More About Materials Exchanges

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A Success Story

American Plastics Exchange, Inc.

The American Plastics Exchange (APEXQ) is the oldest (since 1993) and largest database in the world for buyers to find sellers of scrap plastic, regrind, repro and surplus prime virgin resin. We do not ever buy, sell, or own any plastic nor do we ever act as a broker or agent. Consider joining the exchange if you are a buyer or seller of post-industrial regrind, repro, scrap, color concentrates, densified, surplus virgin, wide spec or powder. Receive daily updates of newly listed materials. Post unlimited for sale listings with your paid membership.

Visit the web site for American Plastics Exchange, Inc..

Car Batteries, Sulfuric Acid and Reducing A Florida Waste Stream

In the late 1980's, the Southern Waste Information eXchange (SWIX) did various targeted mailings of their printed catalog of exchange listings. They often used SIC codes in order to generate lists of companies that might benefit from participating in the free SWIX program.

One such company was a lead acid battery recycling facility in Central Florida that was generating approximately 7,000 gallons per day of sulfuric acid and paying substantial disposal costs. Once they discovered SWIX, they placed a listing in the catalog, and, within 3-4 months, found another industrial manufacturer who required sulfuric acid as part of their manufacturing process.

The two parties negotiated the particulars (shipping, frequency of deliveries, cost sharing, etc.) and, by working together, eliminated a significant (and deadly) waste stream while saving money for each other at the same time.

Visit the web site for Southern Waste Information Exchange, Inc..

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